Adult Class Calendar

Instruction in the Roman Catholic faith

Adult Class Calendar

12 October, 2017 Adult Class 0

Here are some of the upcoming speakers that we will have in our adult classes.

Oct. 14 – Sr. Helena Burns speaking on “Being good digital Catholics” and “Parenting the media” (adult and high school together)

Oct. 28 – Natasha Contestabile speaking on the quote by St. Catherine of Siena “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire”

Nov. 11 – Colleen Cronin speaking on “Reaching out beyond the walls of our church”

Nov. 25 – Chris Kokot is coming to speak about CCO – Catholic Christian Outreach

Dec. 2 – Joseph Goodwin Campus Minister at Laurier University sharing his conversion testimony to the Catholic faith

Jan. 6 – NET teens (tentative)